Karen Sherman – Female Employee Spotlight of October

Employee name: Karen Sherman
Role at company: Account Services Representative
A Quote From Karen: "Life can change in a single second, so make the memories and do what makes you happy"

Karen Sherman

It is important to Women of Commercial Landscaping (WCL) to showcase the amazing women who, on a daily basis, bring their hearts and passion to the table to collectively contribute to our growth and success.

In order to help you get to know us a little bit better and learn about the fantastic individuals that make up our team, we will be interviewing them and letting you in on their answers. What do they do? What do they enjoy? What makes them unique? It’s time to find out!

For our first employee spotlight, meet Karen Sherman, our Account Services Representative. Let’s dive in and learn more about her.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?
I enjoy the work I do at Clintar and take pride in my work that involves helping the franchises with all their bookkeeping and payroll needs.

What do you do at our company?
I work in the Accounting Department at Head Office.

What has been your favourite project so far?
My favourite project is when I master a new task!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I grew up on a large horse farm in Markham. I successfully evented competitively when I was a teenager.

How do you balance your career and your family/personal life?
I set priorities both at home and at work depending on deadlines, however some days it’s a juggling act.

What advice would you give to other women in the industry?
As in any industry, there is no substitute for hard work and your reputation is your biggest asset.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?
Lots of numbers! Checking and entering accounts payable invoices, posting accounts receivable invoices, managing cash flows, applying customer payments, handling enquiries from administration and owners and managing payroll.

What are three words you would use to describe Clintar?
Green, busy and accommodating

What do you find most rewarding/challenging about your role?
I find it very rewarding to deliver fast, prompt and accurate information to our Franchises.

If given the chance, who would you be for a day?
I’ve been thinking about this for a few days. I’ve worked really hard to get the life I have now. Looking back and growing up on the farm as I did, would have been any child’s dream. I think I’ll stay me.

If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Terry Fox, hands down! He was an inspiration for many and his legacy lives on. A beautiful person inside and out, so much determination and strength. He is definitely a hero of mine.

What would you like to be famous for?
Always trying my best.

What inspires/motivates you?
I would like to be a good example for my son, work hard for what you want, have good morals and be happy.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Karen! We can’t wait to connect you to more of our wonderful team – so stay tuned.